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If you are like me, you have walked by here about ten times and didn’t realize it!  Recently on a lunch date, I walked in to check it out as it was new to me!  The Family Place has been in McKinney since Nov. 2016 and has so much to offer to us!!  We are able to support a lovely cause which works to help adults to better their lives and maintain their safety as well, through the sale of clothing and other fabulous pieces!

I wandered in and found the pieces to be of great quality and higher end!  Turns out, many of our Dallas friends donate and for now, they bring them to McKinney as they build the donations here!!  So, if you have higher end pieces to donate, be sure to contact Kris at 972.643. 8962 to secure a donation time!  They will love to meet you and hear more about you!!  The Family Place boutique is located at 207 N. Church Street, between Butcher Board & UMC!!

And this is Kris, the lovely and kind boutique general manager.  I really enjoyed chatting with her for a bit to understand the boutique, the process of donating and the work of The Family Place.

The Family Place empowers victims of family violence by providing safe housing, counseling and skills that create independence while building community engagement and advocating for social change to stop family violence.

For victims of family violence, The Family Place is the Dallas area’s leading organization delivering proven programs that address emotional and physical abuse and incest. The Family Place provides free, comprehensive services that prevent violence and fully support women, children and men on their path from fear to safety.

The Family Place Resale Shop serves a vital role for our clients who often give up everything to flee for safety. Our clients are provided with vouchers to purchase what they need at our Resale Shop so that they can start new lives.

The Resale Shop also raises funds for our programs through donations and sales. If you have clothes, furniture, accessories or collectibles in good repair, contact Resale Shop Manager to arrange for us to pick up your tax-deductible donations. Donations can also be dropped off at the Resale Shop seven days a week during operating hours.

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Making and Baking was a fave of mine growing up…so when she wanted to make a cake, I was all on board!   Made a grocery list, ready to create something delicious, and prepared to do the work….it was so much fun:)  I really loved seeing her eyes light up and realize she was making something on her own, pretty much.

And then she took a photo of me….perfect:)

And the dog…Ruby.  She is a part of all things now…which is annoying/cute.

McKinney Family Photography | North Dallas Family Photography