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Q: Where are you located?  What is your turnaround time for images?

A: McKinney, TX // 5-7 business days for sessions.

Q: What is the editing & organiztional services all about?

A: Be sure to connect with us on the dropdown tab to find out all about this NEW feature!

Q: What types of creative things do I like?

A: Fabric textures, fabulous handwriting, curated maps by my pal Carol, watercolors by Mollie, God's amazing nature, all the things nature actually.

Q: How can I really get the best session ever?

A: Begin with the end in mind!  Consider how you will use your images, what would feed your heart to see in your home, who might you share them with?  Plan your wardrobe starting with mom and going from there!  Small prints are best instead of solid colors! And just take a deep breath.  We've got you!!

Q: Why trust you with all of my images, whether for a session or for your organizational services?

A: Why not?  We place our images in all sorts of public places for everyone to see.  But beyond that, we are worthy of your trust.  We love our people just like you love yours.  We plan vacations and special days just like you do.  We will value your images in the same attitiude that you do.  To give you the best images is our goal!

Q: So, how is it really with four children?  Really?

A: Your own reality everyday is enough, for you, for now.  For my family, we decided 4-5 children for us.  And as they each entered the world, our hearts grew larger.  It is the craziest thing to experience.  Most days are a complete circus, full of noise, mess & a bit of yelling.  Yep.